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New Center Consulting

Welcome to the New Center Consulting, Inc. website. Here you will find all of your needs. Whether that is building that new bowling or family entertainment center, or upgrading your current operations to a newer more realistic or modern scene.

We have complete modernization packages (Monitor Upgrades, Scoring, Lanes, Masking Units, Ball Returns, Soft Bowling Furniture, Glow Carpet, Glow Tile, and Pins. Lights/Sound, projection units and more) available at cost effective prices. As well as useful links to websites and photos of existing family entertainment centers. Thank you for choosing New Center Consulting!

We offer management replacement systems that work with most scoring systems. Call us for details or visit the Information Page

Now proudly distributing and supporting EasyBowl! Click here for more information and to see a full listing of available modules.

*AuctionBowling.com*-The newest way to sell or buy used bowling equipment. Currently we have 40 Lanes of Factory Brunswick A2s, AS90, and Frameworx Furniture up for auction.

*Repair and Exchange* - Click here to view our pricing and listing of parts and replacement items.

*New Price List Available* - Our latest pricing is available Here!

Now offering Upgrade Scoring ONE LANE PAIR AT A TIME! - Click Here for more information on Touch Score 3

* Page Photos Courtesy of Jim Osdale.