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Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Phone: 248-375-2751
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  • Replace old, unreliable hardware
  • Give your front desk a new modern look and feel
  • Systems come with either Windows XP or Vista
  • Internet capability upon request
  • Brand new, pre-labeled keyboards
  • Programmed to work with your scoring system.

All new systems are built with current, up to date hardware to ensure that your up and running with little setup effort and maximum life with little to no maintenance!

Along with your Pre-configured front desk system, we can offer the following capabilities to give you a complete management system and front desk in one:
  • Online Lane Reservation.
  • Computerized Lane and Time slot Reservation.
  • Reservation Manager.
  • Complete Lane Management.
  • Point of Sale Software.
  • Employee Management.
  • Opening Hours Management.
All software included free for 6 months so you can try before you buy!

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Please review our Front Desk Requirements for installation and setup at all centers.