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Laser Printer Replacement

Back office printer malfunctioning? Pages becoming hard to read, rollers being worn out, frequent paper jams and even missing print jobs are all good indications that it may be time to replace your old printer. New Center Consulting is now offering Laser Printer replacement for Legacy back office systems.

These printers provide you with a newer, more reliable and quieter piece of hardware to keep your day to day business running smoothly. Printing with a laser printer offers the lowered cost of replacing ink less frequently than an older printer, as well as offering faster print times and more accurate and legible prints. Less noise and annoyance. Laser printers are also more cost effective when it comes to repairing and replacing versus the old Dot Matrix printers.

Installation from a New Center technician is a quick process that can have you back and running in no time. Everything is provided with the installation, all that is required is access to the back office system so the new printer can be integrated.

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