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Customer Contacts

By now you've seen quite a bit of our content and heard quite a bit of our claims. But why believe us? We encourage you to contact and ask some of our very happy customers listed below, about the products and services that we have provided to them over the years.

Scott Brooks, Bowl New England
(802) 655-8100
Accuscore Plus advantage replacement with XLi Pinspotter chassis

Jim Nyhan, Forrest View Lanes
(734) 247-4915
Accuscore Plus AccuDesk Front Desk Replacement

Jim Johns, Pro Bowl
(517) 321-7577
Accuscore Plus Advantage with Overhead LCD conversion

Bob Johannes, Ranch West Lanes
(913) 299-1110
Brunswick CenterMaster with AS90 scoring and Framworx Ethernet

As always you are free to contact us at any time for any questions or information.