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Front Desk space requirements
Prior to Installation

For a brand new Front Desk setup you will be gaining quite a bit of space compared to the old system. We require that you have the proper space laid out for when our installers come on site. This size can vary depending on whether you will have the PC sit on top of your desk, next to the monitor or below desk separately from the monitor.

For a top desk installation, all that is required is that you have your space equipped with accessibility to two electrical outputs, whether this is through a power strip or wall, is up to you. As well as enough desk space for a 19" monitor and tower with mouse and keyboard (Roughly 3 feet of space).

For a below desk installation a fairly small space for the tower itself at the least should be cleared below. The dimensions for the tower along with room for connections and ventilation is:
  • 10" wide
  • 17" Tall
  • 18" Long (Deep)
Additionally the location should be equipped with two electrical outputs either through wall sockets or a power strip. Keep in mind that there needs to be 3 feet or less distance between the PC / monitor and the power that runs to them. Finally a 1.5" to 1.75" hole will need to be drilled into the desk / be available to be able to run cables from the tower on bottom to the monitor, keyboard and mouse.